Wish List

The Charles Webb Center greatly appreciates all donations. Please consider items listed on our Wish List. These are items which are needed on a regular basis.

Please also consider organizing a “drive” at your company, religious organization, club or school to collect supplies needed at the Center.

Kleenex Tissues
Paper Towels
Baby wipes
Baby Lotion
Hand Sanitizer
Powder-free synthetic or vinyl gloves
Zip lock bags- 2 gallon, gallon, quart, & sandwich size
Zip lock freezer bags-gallon & quart size
Batteries- All sizes
Postage stamps
Black ink pens
Color printer paper
White printer paper
Dry erase markers
Crafty stamps and different colored stamp pads

Stickers (animals, cartoon characters, seasonal themes)
Craft items: “Google” eyes, pipe cleaners, felt, craft kits, white
Laundry detergent (Dreft, Tide, Gain, All Free & Clear, Surf)
Clorox Bleach
Disinfecting wipes
Dish Detergent (Dawn, Joy, etc.)
Paper plates
Coffee filters
White glue
Glue sticks
Velcro with sticky back
Picture Books

Color Pencils
Child Safe Scissors
Play Dough
Nursery or kid Music CD’s
Toys: Interactive toys with lights and or sound, toys that involve stacking or sorting
Magna Doodle, etc
Any games for children 0-6 years of age
Tonka Cars/Trucks
Baby dolls
Plastic dish sets / kitchen sets
Toy Stethoscope
Bulletin board supplies: letters, borders, seasonal decorations
Folding and collapsible wagon